Celtic Tree Pouch


Hand printed sparkly pouch with Celtic Tree print which can stand on its own.

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This freestanding dice bag is inspired by trees and ancient Celtic knots. Trees are ancient beings that absorb their environment, they are beautiful giants that connect the earth to the sky and they are the home of many little creatures. Be kind to the trees!!!

First of all I sprayed the light blue cotton textile with gold textile spray paint. Then I hand printed these cotton dice bags with a hand carved Celtic tree stamp on my etching press, see the last photo. It is lined with dark blue panne velvet (also known as velour). I finished the bag with a blue and purple patterned paracord. This has been tied in a Crown and Diamond Knot.

This freestanding dice bag will hold a lot of dice!!! You can easily fit 14 sets of polydice in this bag and could still fit more in there. Either that, or you could use this bag to contain your war gaming accessories such as dice, a tape measure, laser pen etc. It’s size also makes it a great bag for when you need to draw tiles for a game. For an example of size: you can easily fit the tiles from the base game of Carcassonne in this pouch.

If tabletop gaming is not your thing, this bag would also make a charming holder for your Runes Set, Marbles etc.

Approx. Dimensions:
Open Standing Height: 18,5cm
Width when empty and flat: 16cm

Dice in photos not included!

The colour of the pouch may differ slightly due to your computer screen colouring. As I have made multiple of these pouches the printing may be slightly different, but only marginally.

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