Alice and Wonderland Festival Banners

Acrylic Painted Scene inspired by Alice in Wonderland featuring the Queen of Hearts' Castle, White Rabbit, Catterpillar and toadstools.
Alice and Wonderland Banner

Materials: Acrylic paint, Photoshop

These were originally designed for the Dutch fantasy festival “Fantastyval”. Their theme for 2014 was Alice in Wonderland and they wanted a giant toadstool forest banner which also included some of the characters from the story. There are two separate banner designs:  a toadstool forest and the clearing which features the Red Castle, the White Rabbit and the Caterpillar. I illustrated these so that they connect perfectly when hung next to each other. (You can see this in the third picture above.)

Each illustration would be printed as a 3m x 2m banner. The fourth image shows what the detailing is like at full size. The elements in the foreground have sharp edges and the elements in the background are blurred to add depth.

The banners were not used at Fantastyval 2014.

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